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aRacer SpeedTek Inc. 艾銳斯動力科技有限公司

RC1 Super Complete ECU | RCMini5 Complete ECU | Power Spark Coil | AF1 Profes...

Today is 06,Aug,2020
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RC1 Super Complete ECU
Fuel and Injection phase adjustableIgnition timing and dwell time adjustableManifold Air Pressure base for inlet air amount calculationReleased engine speed limitedEnvironment temp and Baro compensati
RCMini5 Complete ECU
Special design for the modified engine from from stock to middle levelOver ten parameters can be adjusted by smartphone*3D fuel, 3D ignition timing, fuel in acceleration, fuel cut in deceleration, idl
RCmini4C Complete ECU
Four Switch Adjustable( Spark angle and Fuel)PlugPlayLimited RPM AdjustableECU meet the Vehicle Standard Reliability Testing and WaterproofBaro and Temperature Compensation Included
Power Spark High Performance Coil
10 Stage of Ignition Energy AdjustablePlug and PlayEasy AdjustImprove ResponseSave FuelBoost PowerLED Highlight
Race Function Module
Support RC/RC Super series ECU onlyKey features:1. Support tracktion control2. Dual map switch3. Launch control4. PIT limited5. GPS track6. Lean angle detection
AF1 Professional AFR Module
Product Model: AF1Professional Air Fuel Ratio Module AF11. High accuracy and high speed response2. It can be realized Close Loop Fuel Compensation with RC/RCMINI Plus ECU3. No need to calibration, jus
T-Power iridium high performance spark plug
Three Ground electrode tipsLaser Iridium center electronde tipSpecial washer designNickel plating outer casingGreat performance
bLink Pro Basic Wireless Module
blink Pro Basic Wireless Module for Andriod APP cellphone, for Apple IOS will come out soonEngine data displayPlug and playDisplay setting by customWarning threshold settingEngine data recordLow power
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